How to take a job break

An extended vacation from work does not wait until retirement. Your downtime may be an aspiration, or it may be driven by life events. Whatever the purpose, careful planning before you take a break can help make it more successful and fulfilling. Start by reviewing your finances and getting your professional vacation budget in order. … Read more

Meet the 28-year-old flipping the personal finance industry as your ‘rich friend’

Vivian Tu, the 28-year-old behind TikToker Rich your BFFknows how to explain private property to her 2.2 million followers through a lens they understand: Kim Kardashian. “Kim K’s foray into private equity will make her a billionaire all while using other people’s money,” Tu begins the video in her typical fast-talking style. “Kim got rich … Read more

How stay-at-home couples can build credit

Couples share a lot, but regardless of your relationship status, your credit score belongs to you and only you. Even if you get 100% financial support from your spouse or partner, establishing and building your credit score is essential. It can benefit both of you as you navigate financial decisions together. But in the event … Read more

Do you want more retirement income? Here is one investment worth holding

(Maury Bachman) Retiring on Social Security alone is generally a bad idea. These benefits will only replace about 40% of your pre-retirement pay if you earn a median salary. This assumes that benefits are not significantly reduced in the future. Since Social Security is facing a fiscal shortfall, seniors may have to deal with it … Read more

The Social Security record increase for 2023 isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

(Justin Pope) Retirees feeling crushed by the highest rate of inflation in decades are taking some relief. The Social Security Administration announced that benefits will be at 8.7%. Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA), the highest rise since 1982. In pure dollar terms for the average Social Security recipient, it would be the largest COLA ever. … Read more

How Investors Can Protect Themselves | Business Investor Daily

Cryptocurrency exchange crash FTX launched investigations. The aspects of the scam are a reminder that complaints of investment fraud are on the rise. The good news? You can protect yourself by taking five precautionary steps. X said Eric Sterner, chief investment officer of Charleston, headquartered in South Carolina Apollon Wealth Management. “People are afraid of … Read more

How to navigate credit and financial risk in an unstable economy

Burning five-dollar and one-dollar banknotes, London, August 8, 2011 (Photo by Tom Stoddart/Getty Images) Getty Images I recently interviewed Sundeep Yerapotina, Chief Risk Officer (CRO CRO ) of Citi’s Rewards branded cards, a personal finance and credit risk management expert on how people handle credit and financial risks in today’s uncertain market. What is your … Read more

How to deal with a financial windfall

Consider it a problem we would all like to face. But consider it a potential problem nonetheless. After all, to manage your hard-earned money wisely, you need a plan. The same is true when fortunes appear overnight. Sudden wealth can take many forms. Paying a lump sum pension, a large inheritance, and legal damages in … Read more

Portfolio diversification is one key to managing finances

Chris Walden Stock markets in the US and around the world have seen losses of 20% to 30% or more this year so far. The Fed aggressively raised interest rates and tightened monetary policy, inflation reached a 40-year high and geopolitical risks soared. Most bond asset classes have performed negatively this year as well, as … Read more