Yellowstone fans react to Beth and Summer’s fight scene

Yellowstone The envelope has been pushed since the show started at TK. The drama keeps fans coming back in record numbers week after week with action, romance, and fraught family interactions. The fifth episode of the season, “Watch ‘Em Ride Away”, received some negative feedback from fans who believe the show has gone too far. … Read more

Shots fired! Owners are considered “rogue” with fairs

For cross-bow shots, we’ve seen heavier ammo than this. But opposition to fire is resistance to fire, so you should pay attention to its presence, even if it’s just a warning shot. NASCAR’s top teams, under the Race Team Alliance umbrella, have made a strategic announcement that they are exploring the possibility of staging their … Read more

Russian propagandists make desperate pleas about the failures of the Ukraine war on state television

Russia’s ill-conceived invasion of Ukraine It has so far failed to achieve the goals it has set Russian President Vladimir Putinand his top publicists struggle to hide their growing sense of panic. On Monday, the head of RT Margarita Simonyan appeared on The evening with Vladimir Solovyov He acknowledged that the collaborative elite in the … Read more

Harry and Meghan’s TV boss is leaving after 18 months, days before the release of the Netflix documentary

Harry and Meghan’s boss’s media empire departs after 18 months – just days before the documentary’s release on Netflix One of Harry and Meghan’s key aides has resigned ahead of the release of the documentary Mandana Dayani, 40, resigned as Archewell boss this weekend She is one of several high profile personalities to leave the … Read more

The loss of HLN marked the end of companion television

Here’s Media Winter again, and it’s getting ugly. It seems as if every news giant is shrinking by 2023 through year-end layoffs, hiring freezes, or Dickensian austerity. Text threads and Slack channels are filled with goodbyes and expressions of uncertainty about the future. Industry veterans will tell you they expected these cuts around Christmas time. … Read more

Adani bought Hindi’s NDTV in a blow to independent media

nDelhi Television, or NDTV, began as a weekly bulletin in 1989, relaying news from around the world to Doordarshan, India’s public broadcaster broadcast on the television inside every home. It quickly grew to become India’s first and largest private network, producing news, current affairs and entertainment for a largely English-speaking Indian audience. Since it was … Read more

Alleged affair between Amy Robach and TJ Holmes sparks ’emergency meetings’ at ABC

ABC executives have been holding “emergency meetings” to address the chaos since news broke that “Good Morning America” ​​anchors Amy Robach and TJ Holmes An alleged secret love affairthe Post learned. It’s likely to be Robach, who is, said a source close to the situation Married to actor Andrew Shawand Holmes, who is married to … Read more