Under 30 Innovators Avoid Covid Brain Fog and Face a Triple Pandemic

InnovationRx is your weekly digest of healthcare news. to get it in your inbox, Subscribe here. Forbes Under 30 Lester Dina Radenkovic Tim Tuder Forbes an TuesdayAnd the Forbes Launched its annual 30 Under 30 list, we track some of the best young innovators across North America in 20 different categories. in Health CareWe tracked … Read more

Yale University: Students file suit, alleging discrimination against students with psychiatric disabilities

CNN – Current students and an advocacy group are suing Yale University and its governing body, alleging “systemic discrimination against students with mental health disabilities,” according to a lawsuit filed in Connecticut federal court on Wednesday. The lawsuit alleges that the university discriminated against students with mental disabilities and forced the students to withdraw from … Read more

An Indian recipe to suppress micronutrient malnutrition

When it comes to nutrition, or more specifically Micronutrient malnutritionThere is an urgent need to address the diseases that malnutrition can affect the masses, especially given the diversity of the population in India. Malnutrition exacerbates the scale of the public health crises we face, and is India’s gravest challenge and concern. As in the National … Read more

Liver King, who is famous on the Internet for his natural body, has been accused of using steroids

A popular TikTok influencer has been accused of preaching the benefits of eating raw meat with stimulants by another internet personality who claims to have seen leaked emails from the man himself detailing the drugs he uses. Brian Johnson — better known by his online pseudonym “Liver King” — rose to online fame late last … Read more

8 Therapists use coping skills when they are really angry

If simply taking a few deep breaths doesn’t cut it (you know, when you are excellent discontinued), you can still use the power of your lungs to your advantage. Atmakuri recommends exhaling forcefully (think dragon breathing fire), sighing loudly, exercising in a way that raises your heart rate, or simply crying to expel negativity. 6. … Read more

The HIIT workout for astronauts can benefit non-space travelers, too

Comment on this story Suspension Exercise like an astronaut, and you may avoid the unhealthy effects of sitting for long periods, according to recent studies on the benefits of space workouts. The research, involving astronauts on the International Space Station and volunteers in Houston, suggests that the right mix of scientifically tested exercise can stave … Read more

Healthcare organizations are looking for new uses for virtual health technology

The virtual health revolution has spread over the past few years, notably through generational shifting events such as the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, more than ever, health care leaders, organizations, and policy makers see the value of virtual health, both in terms of patient convenience and experience, and the cost savings that virtual health can provide … Read more

First, King County is moving against WA for failing mental health in prisons

The Mental Health Project is a Seattle Times initiative focused on covering mental and behavioral health issues. It is funded by the Ballmer Group, a national organization focused on economic mobility for children and families. The Seattle Times retains editorial control over the work produced by this team. The King County District Attorney’s Office is … Read more