The biggest risks of using fitness trackers to monitor health

Fitness trackers, which help monitor sleep quality, heart rate, and other biological metrics, are a popular way to help Americans improve their health and well-being. There are many types of trackers on the market, including those from well-known brands like Apple, Fitbit, Garmin, and Oura. While these devices are becoming increasingly popular—and have legitimate uses—consumers … Read more

Lose fat and gain muscle simultaneously: 3 simple steps

Losing fat and gaining muscle simultaneously, otherwise known as body recomposition, can be challenging. Eating a diet high in protein with a low calorie deficit, strength training, and adequate sleep are key. Experts told Insider that body remodeling is easier to achieve if you’re new to resistance training. loading Something is loading. Thank you for … Read more

Brooke Burke EXCLUSIVE: The star, 51, reveals one workout that makes a difference

Brunette bombshell Brooke Burke shared the only workout that can transform your body. The 51-year-old TV presenter recently did a plank challenge on her Brooke Burke Body app. “The exercise is really tough but has many benefits. It gets your metabolism going. It gets your core in shape. It develops upper body strength. It’s really, … Read more

Why exercise can make you sleep better at night

Analysis: Research shows that even one bout of exercise may be enough to improve sleep quality and duration by Emma SweeneyAnd the Nottingham Trent University Many people struggle To get enough good sleep. Not only does this make us feel tired the next day, but lack of sleep in the long run can have a … Read more

The notorious moon pose is forbidden on bodybuilding stages

if I were BodyBuilding competitor, don’t even think about it. dubbed appropriately Moon formationnamed for its iconic back hip joint The position in which the player leans toward the audience “moon,” is one of the few positions you won’t (almost) see during a modern fitness competition. This is not the case Just Because a certain … Read more

How does exercise affect your appetite?

Comment on this story Suspension An intense workout on Thanksgiving morning may make it easier to skip a second helping of stuffing or pie, according to fascinating new science about physical activity and appetite. Results indicate that strenuous exercise dulls hunger, at least for a few hours. Jonathan Z. said: Of medicine that studies the … Read more

Fitness instructor Sophie Guidolin shares her KFC ordering technique and diet

A leading fitness trainer revealed her favorite KFC order is under 400 calories, and all you have to do to replicate it is leave one condiment out of your order. Sophie Guidolin, a 33-year-old mother of four, from the Gold Coast, said she orders the Zinger burger without mayonnaise, which reduces the dish’s 408 calories … Read more

Tested positive for COVID? Be calm with yourself – try not to rush back to work or exercise

With COVID isolation rules largely gone, some people are feeling pressured to rush to work, school or other activities after testing positive for COVID. If your symptoms are mild, you may be tempted to continue (remotely) working through the infection, quickly returning to your regular exercise program so as not to lose shape. But while … Read more