1 in 8 adults experiences depression for the first time during the pandemic

One in eight elderly people in Canadaaccording to large-scale recent research involving more than 20,000 people who experienced their first depressive episode during the pandemic. The statistics were significantly worse for people who had previously suffered from depression. Nearly half of these residents (45 percent) reported having developed depression by the fall of 2020. An … Read more

Family and friends of a suspected Florida school intruder killed by police are calling for more mental health awareness

People close to Romaine Phelps gathered outside the Dreyfuss School of the Arts on Saturday to honor his memory and help destigmatize mental illness. The 33-year-old’s family says mental health issues played a direct role in what happened on May 13 at the Dreyfuss School of the Arts. Don’t miss anything: Sign up for personal … Read more

The hotel is training workers to help reduce veteran suicides

Pensacola, Fla. — Veterans are 1.5 times more likely to die by suicide than the general population, with an average of 20 veterans committing suicide each day. To help combat this crisis, Innisfree Hotels has begun its own initiative within the company to train employees who work with veterans or individuals with mental health issues … Read more

Healthcare Champions: Aaron Ortiz and Manuel Jimenez

The need for therapists, social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists is more important than ever. Under relentless pressure from the pandemic, inflation, wildfires, gun violence, racism, and war, our communities are calling out for help. Fortunately, we have two local leaders who are determined to move mountains. Aaron Ortiz, CEO of La Familia, and Manuel Jimenez, … Read more

American universities are failing students facing mental health crises

This Thanksgiving, college students across the country are taking a temporary break from classes to celebrate at home with family and friends. However, for students experiencing suicidal thoughts and other serious mental health issues, some may be asked not to return to campus. Colleges across America have it greatly decreased Despite their COVID-19 restrictions, the … Read more

The Tacoma Mental Health Crisis Response Unit has been funded

After a coalition of interests pushed the Tacoma City Council to fund the mental health crisis program, the council promised to make it a priority next year and look to provide additional funds for Tacoma Fire Department pilot. As part of the city’s biennial budget passed Tuesday, the program will receive $824,000, TFD’s initial request, … Read more

Oregon is experiencing a shortage of hospital beds for children with RSV, which is affecting others who need care

Oregon Health & Science University And the Randall Children’s Hospital They are taking emergency steps to get more babies into pediatric intensive care units. This is when a surge of RSV, a common childhood virus that can be dangerous to infants and the elderly, hit Oregon. Hospitals like Oregon Hospital and Science University (above) and … Read more

A trickle of COVID relief funds helps fill gaps in mental health services for children in rural areas | The healthiest community health news

Posted by Christina St. Louis | KHN NELSONVILLE, Ohio – The Mary Hill Youth and Family Center building has long stood at the crossroads of this rural Appalachian town, but its purpose has evolved. For 65 years, residents Nelsonville and rolling hills to the southeast Ohio Travel to Hilltop Hospital for care. Then, in 2014, … Read more