‘A tangle of indolence’: hundreds of threatened species restoration plans to expire in the next six months | endangered species

Hundreds of plans to restore threatened species will come to fruition in the next six months as the government considers how to fix Australia’s flawed system of environmental protection. documents released To Guardian Australia under freedom of information laws detailing how a lack of resources, disagreement with state governments and a growing list of endangered … Read more

World Population: The Numbers Matter | population

“Don’t panic about the birth of the 8 billionth baby” says Danny Dorling (Suspension). Panic, no, but think more carefully, yes. It is good that Dorling is focusing on consumption as a major driver of resource depletion and carbon pollution. But he is wrong to consider population growth unimportant. Average consumption per person multiplied by … Read more

An environmental group says small fish may go extinct from the Pine Valley Water Project – St. George News

The Lesser Chub is a small minnow native to Utah with few remaining wild populations, photo location not specified, Oct 11, 2016 | Image courtesy of blm Across FlickrSt. George News/Cedar City News rice city – The Center for Biological Diversity intends to sue the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to protect a small fish … Read more

Ocean mapping by Saildrones can improve storm surge forecasts

Saildrones are autonomous vehicles operating in the ocean off the coast of Florida, helping us understand and forecast climate change and hurricanes. Much of the devastation caused by hurricanes comes from storms, but that’s hard to predict. Get better information about the ocean floor. Hurricane winds aren’t the only thing that affects storm surges. Hurricane … Read more

Pacific islands are struggling to survive before rising sea levels engulf them

Although they contribute less than 0.03% of the world’s total carbon emissions, the Pacific Islands are on the front line of the climate crisis. Entire countries could go under water in the next two to three decades. How do these island nations fight for their survival? The country is more than its land. A country … Read more

The second flooding peak in Riverland arrives at Christmas with 185 gigaliters flowing into the Murray River each day

South Australia will see a second, higher flooding peak for the Murray River as authorities say they now expect an influx of 185 gigalitres per day in the second surge in late December. the main points: Southern Africa is expected to have two flood peaks, one in early December and the other around Christmas The … Read more

What is the truth about recycling in Asheville?

ASHEVILLE – Today’s burning question explores how plastic is recycled in Asheville and if some others are destined for garbage disposal! Do you have a question for a man’s answer or a woman’s answer? Email Interim Executive Editor Karen Chavez at KChavez@citizentimes.com and your question may appear in an upcoming column. A question: I recently … Read more