The Marysville Cold case was solved with the help of the Attorney General’s Forensic DNA Genealogy Program

Seattle – Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced today that his office’s DNA genetic genealogy program has now helped solve the cold case of a 24-year-old from Marysville. In 1988, 19-year-old Jennifer Brinkman was found dead inside her family’s home in Marysville. Although the murder weapon—an ax—was left behind, the case went cold. On Monday, the … Read more

CEO spotlight: Andrea Reposati of Dante Labs

Andrea Reposati is world-renowned entrepreneur and CEO and co-founder of Dante Labs, which he founded with Mattia Capulli seven years ago. Under the leadership of the Italian founders, the genomics and precision medicine company has made genome sequencing and analysis available to consumers, researchers, and medical practices worldwide. Dante Labs has seen an enormous level … Read more

Identification of genes that maintain neuronal health

Summary: Kinase enzymes are essential for neurons to perform autophagy. The researchers found that deletion of the genes encoding the kinases NDR1 and NDR2 impairs neuronal health and induces neurodegeneration in both young and old mice. source: Francis Crick Institute Scientists at the Francis Crick Institute have discovered that deletion of two genes encoding key … Read more

How technology handles food waste from farm to table

A third of food is wasted globally December 3, 2022 Read 5 minutes Ever since Susan Tifford began hunting for cheap food–chasing discounts as the expiration date draws near–American retirees have slashed their grocery bills and made a virtue out of bargain-hunting. Now when Teaford needs groceries, she simply checks the Flashfood app, which lists … Read more

Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) courses are on the rise in the honors curriculum

SUNY Distinguished Professor Michael Jabot discusses biodiversity, a topic in EDU 226: Earth as a System, which investigates how other Earth systems contribute to biodiversity and how shifts in the health of these other systems affect biodiversity overall. There are more STEM honors courses than ever before at SUNY Fredonia—a far cry from the Spring … Read more

Are they real and can genetics play a role?

Over 600 million cases worldwide: COVID-19 has changed the world. Although there are still those who dodged it. Disease Control and Prevention estimates that nearly half of the population has never contracted the virus and some scientists are working to find out why. At the University of California San Francisco and Rockefeller University in New … Read more

To trigger Crohn’s disease, pathogenic bacteria resort to genetic susceptibility newsroom

Changes in a single gene open the door for harmful gut bacteria to trigger the inflammation that leads to Crohn’s disease, according to a new study led by Weill Cornell Medicine and New York-Presbyterian investigators. These findings could one day help doctors choose better targeted therapies for patients with this immune disorder. This particular host … Read more

ARHGAP35 is a novel factor that has been disrupted in human eye growth patterns

Ma A, Yousoof S, Grigg JR, Flaherty M, Minoche AE, Cowley MJ, et al. Revealing hidden genetic diagnoses in anterior segment disorders. Gene Med. 2020; 22: 1623-1632. Article CAS PubMed PubMed Central Google Scholar Chassaing N, Causse A, Vigouroux A, Delahaye A, Alessandri JL, Boespflug-Tanguy O, et al. Molecular findings and clinical data in a … Read more