200+ cuts are worth your money

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Is Crypto Dead? No, the resurgence has been boosted by these five new digital currencies

The crypto ecosystem is characterized by its volatile and sometimes unpredictable nature. This statement holds true given the various events that occurred in 2022. The actions, inactions, and policies taken by investors, government agencies, and stockholders, among others, have a significant impact on the market. Well, despite this reality, crypto is not dead! It is … Read more

How to tell a story with data. Imagine stories that live up to… | By National Library of Singapore | Our Stories: The National Library of Singapore Blog | November 2022

Stories are all around us. Growing up, we encounter stories in books, in libraries, or through our parents and grandparents. But did you know you can tell stories with data? Join the librarian Kevin Sit It explores what data visualization is and how it helps tell stories about the world we live in. As anyone … Read more

This is what a dead person might look like if Zuckerberg steps down

Drumming A looming recession His voice is getting louder and he continues to demand jobs in the form of mass layoffs and executive departures. Technology companies have lay off 33,000 workers Since October, including major brands such as Amazon, Microsoft, Coinbase, Twitter, Stripe, Salesforce, and Meta. Likewise, executive changes have occurred as a result of … Read more

Even the metaverse has a shortage of women in leadership roles

The metaverse is expected to change the future of work, customer experience, and even everyday life. But when it comes to leadership, it turns out that the real meaning suffers from the same gender parity issues that have long plagued the business world. This is similar to the gap in Fortune 500 companies, and in … Read more

How Virtual Reality is Blurring the Lines Between Designers and Consumers – Rob Report

“I’ve always wanted to disrupt the traditional Wall paper says Julia Panselhon, founder of the London-based wallpaper brand Made of material. “virtual and augmented reality [VR and AR] My catalysts were to lead this change.” collage artist animated wallpaper is among the most eye-catching AR and VR design products gaining traction in the combination of … Read more

How can wearable technologies and wearable workouts based on AI transform the fitness industry?

– Posted by Jitendra Choksi Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has witnessed an unprecedented technological boom, with every sector taking a turn online to ensure survival. The fitness industry has also embraced a digital path with gyms and other fitness centers closed amid prolonged lockdowns. Over the past couple of years, … Read more