The Russo-Ukrainian War at a Glance: What We Know on Day 286 of the Invasion | Russia

At least four people were killed on Mondaysaid Volodymyr Zelensky, center Russian raids, during which 60 out of 70 missiles were shot down. The Air Force said the strikes targeted vital infrastructure in Ukraine. Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, said that energy workers have already begun work on restoring electricity. Officials said airstrikes destroyed homes in … Read more

Russian draft resolution on war crimes distributed at the United Nations | Russia

The draft resolution is circulated in United nations In New York for a Nuremberg-style trial to hold the Russian leadership accountable for crimes of aggression in Ukraine amid signs that US opposition to the proposal may be waning in the face of pressure from Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky. It’s something President Zelensky cares about very … Read more

The United States says Iran is trapped in a “vicious circle” because of the protests and Russia’s arming of Iran

The US special envoy said that the Iranian leadership has locked itself in a “vicious circle” that has isolated it from its people and the international community, adding that Washington is more focused on Tehran’s decision to arm Russia. Ukraine and suppressing its internal protests instead of talks to revive the nuclear deal. “The most … Read more

Iran’s top cleric says the morality police are closed

Demonstrators are calling for an economic boycott from Monday to Wednesday Raisi visits Tehran University on Wednesday on Student’s Day The Home Office is silent about the status of the morality police DUBAI (Reuters) – Demonstrators in Iran on Sunday called for a three-day strike this week, stepping up pressure on authorities after the public … Read more

Booby traps and destruction in Kherson, Ukraine after the withdrawal of the Russian army

Kherson region, Ukraine – The sight of freshly made shingles on the roof of a destroyed house was like a small ray of sunshine emerging among the ruins of the village of Myrn. At the beginning of the war, one [Ukrainian] She picked up her phone to show a video of a smiling young man … Read more

Democrats are voting to advance Biden’s plan to put South Carolina first in the 2024 primary calendar

CNN – On Friday, the rulemaking arm of the Democratic National Committee voted in favor A proposal to radically reshape the 2024 presidential candidacy calendar He made South Carolina the first state to hold a primary, followed by Nevada and New Hampshire on the same day a few days later, and then Georgia and Michigan … Read more

Russia refuses to withdraw from Ukraine as a condition for talks

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) – Russia said Friday that Western demands that it should withdraw completely from Ukraine as part of any future talks to end the war effectively rule out any such negotiations, as Russian strikes continue and a Ukrainian official adjusts for his country’s losses in the battle. up to 13,000 soldiers. Kremlin spokesman … Read more

The Pentagon is looking forward to a significant expansion of Ukrainian military exercises

Comment on this story Suspension Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and other senior Pentagon officials are weighing a major expansion in training the Ukrainian military, It is a move that could greatly enhance its ability to expel Russian forces from occupied territories even as the US involvement in the war deepens. The plan, under discussion for … Read more