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“Mercury is a very complex company.” Those were the words I heard on my first day with the company just over three years ago. I had friends at Mercury and had followed or competed with the company for over a decade, but it wasn’t until that first day that I realized that I didn’t understand much what the company actually did, who it served and what it stood for. And based on our market research, it turns out I’m not alone.

What are you doing?

Some who have known Mercury for a long time might describe the company as an “embedded computing company” or a “defense electronics company.” Others who have witnessed our growth in electronic warfare and wireless warfare technologies may talk about our mixed-signal, microwave and radio frequency products. Then there was the addition of C2I and C4I and security capabilities, leading some to describe the company as a solid systems company or a server company. Now, with an advanced computing suite for safety and missions, Mercury is gaining prominence as an avionics company. Finally, there is our investment in microelectronics technologies, which is likely to be the company’s fastest growing and most exciting development, as we can now do all of the above at the chip scale.

Mercury has grown so rapidly, and has added so many people, technologies, capabilities, and products over the years, that a lack of familiarity with what the company does may have been inevitable. How do we deal with this dilemma of intimacy?

Well, trying to tell the world about it everything The company is not working: We sell electronic warfare testing and training solutions, application-ready subsystems, military rugged display systems, servers, rugged subsystems, data storage and transmission systems, microwave RF, mixed signal products such as frequency converters, signal sources, components, amplifiers and microelectronic components such as memory, custom system in package and multi-chip units. Then there are the boards – multiprocessing, single-board PCs, GPGPU, FPGA, video and graphics, networking, I/O, storage, and RF.. But wait, there’s more. Development systems, tools and software. Not to mention the services we provide: System integration and design assistance services. We can manufacture your products. Do you need help obtaining safety certification, or do you need someone to audit the security of your system? We do that too!

No wonder no one knows exactly what Mercury does.


Sometimes the most effective way to solve a problem is to do the opposite of what you tried before. This little tactic led our marketing team to the conclusion: There is one thread that runs through everything we do. Our development was not Dedicated. There has been a strategy and objective for all acquisitions, technology and investments over the past 40 years and it is in our vision statement:

Make the world a safer place for everyone. Our goal is to provide everything is being processed Solutions on every system require relentless computing.

What we’ve built is a processing platform on which the world’s most advanced aerospace and defense solutions are built. Our realization: we don’t need to explain Mercury’s many solutions; We just need to describe our only offer to customers – the Mercury processing platform.

mercury processing platform

The Mercury Processing Platform includes all the technologies we’ve built over the years: security, signaling, RF, display, computing, software, networking, and storage. In addition to these technologies, they include our employees, their expertise, and how we serve our customers. The platform and its technology are offered silicon, or chip scale, right down to the system scale and are mission-ready, reliable and secure, software defined, open and standard. Our clients can take advantage of individual parts of the platform, but the more you benefit, the more value you can provide.

Our customers – the world’s defense system pioneers, avionics pioneers, and new technology futures – rely on the Mercury Processing platform to address a range of applications from sensor processing to mission computing and command and control to communications. They build aerospace and defense solutions that gather sensor data at the highest level and provide meaningful insights that enable important decisions to be made better/faster.

At no time in our recent history has the mercury processing platform been relevant. With threats close to peers and the potential for the United States and its allies to lose a technological advantage, the status quo for technological innovation will not work. “Increasing gains are no longer enough.” The processing platform must help our customers – and the entire industry – bend the innovation curve, and deliver tasks faster than ever before. We focus the platform on maintaining our technological edge, strengthening global alliances, expanding into strategic areas, and building strong security and resilience, all at the most affordable cost possible.

bend the curve

So, what does Mercury do?

Mercury is a technology company that delivers commercial innovations to rapidly transform the global aerospace and defense industry. From data to decision, silicon to systems, A&D leaders turn to the products, services, technologies, and people that make up Mercury’s secure, end-to-end processing platform – the exponential force that connects customers to what matters most. Important innovation┬«. By and for important people.

Want to know more? I encourage all of you to join us and discover how you can bend the curve.

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