New Zealand interest rate hikes and inflation data

The strength of the New Zealand dollar after the interest rate hike The New Zealand dollar rose to 0.6192 per dollar after the central bank raised interest rates by 75 basis points, its biggest ever rise. The New Zealand dollar was last traded at 0.6170 against the dollar and NZX50 The index in New Zealand … Read more

China is no longer just an emerging market

A worker disinfects the Sanlitun shopping complex in Beijing in June as stores in the area were closed for three days following the outbreak of the COVID-19. There is more caution about China this year, as strict Covid controls drag on and growth slows. Analysts point to the long-term trends of China’s low reliance on … Read more

Analysts discuss whether to be bullish on emerging markets

Economists and analysts say India has become the destination of choice for many investors – in part because it is doing better than many of its peers in a time of economic volatility. But research also shows that India still has a long way to go towards building infrastructure and enacting reforms that could attract … Read more

Stocks drop, Chinese yuan tops 7.2 against the dollar

The Chinese yuan is likely to return to the “reasonable range” soon The yuan is likely to return to the “reasonable range” between six and seven against the US dollar — as soon as next year, said Han Baojiang, director of the Department of Economics at the Party School of the CPC Central Committee. That’s … Read more

European markets open to close, Bank of England and Swiss central bank interest rate decisions

The Bank of England raised interest rates by 50 basis points, the seventh in a row Bank of England They voted to raise interest rates By 50 basis points, less than the 75 basis points rise some analysts had expected. The bank said there have been other indications since August of “domestic inflation continuing to … Read more