Seismic shifts in international data markets demand an update of broadband Internet policy

Through the parallel internet, platforms have driven seismic shifts in global data flows. GT The global policy movement to improve connectivity and bridge the digital divide has generated reports on international data markets and associated regulatory policies. The papers sometimes introduce confusing terms: usage, transitivity, gaze, and association. Each term has a specific meaning and … Read more

This is what a dead person might look like if Zuckerberg steps down

Drumming A looming recession His voice is getting louder and he continues to demand jobs in the form of mass layoffs and executive departures. Technology companies have lay off 33,000 workers Since October, including major brands such as Amazon, Microsoft, Coinbase, Twitter, Stripe, Salesforce, and Meta. Likewise, executive changes have occurred as a result of … Read more

CAPSTONE becomes the first probe to enter a unique halo orbit around the moon

Animation showing CAPSTONE’s highly elliptical NRHO around the Moon. GIF: advanced space NASA agency Artemis program Take an important step forward this The end of the week, with CAPSTONE finally reaching its destination – the Nearly Straight Halo Orbit (NRHO) around the Moon. The 55-pound cube moon will test this promising orbit in preparation for … Read more

Who is working to end the threat of deepfakes created by artificial intelligence

The above images of Trevor Noah and Michael Kosta show what happens when they are placed through an AI image generator with the “Two Men Dancing” prompt, as well as whether or not the image has been modified to reject AI image manipulation.picture: Alexandre Madre Like many of the world’s best and worst ideas, MIT … Read more

Apple apps track you even with privacy protections in: Report

picture: Greg Baker / Contributor (Getty Images) For all the Apple talk about how private your iPhone is, the company dumps a lot of data about you. iPhones have a privacy setting that should turn off this tracking. According to a new report from independent researchers, though, Apple collects very detailed information about you through … Read more

Astrophysicists discover the closest black hole to Earth

Scientists They discovered a relatively small black hole lurking next to a star in the constellation Ophiuchus, about 1,600 light years. it’s snowing The closest known backhole to Earth. Black holes are the densest objects in the universe (sorry, neutron stars). Whether they are small black holes, stellar masses, or black holes Including super huge … Read more

Some Detroiters may pay more than their neighbors for the same internet

Highland Park, Michigan (WXYZ) – “Come and talk to us. We’ll show you how it’s done. Come learn from us and give it back to your communities and get the job done,” said Dudley new study He says Detroiter is being charged the same prices for the very unequal internet service. The study Through a … Read more

Europe’s telecom industry pushes Big Tech to pay to build the Internet

In Europe, the battle between major tech companies and US telecom companies has reached its climax. Telecom groups are pushing European regulators to consider implementing a framework where companies that send traffic along their networks are charged to help fund massive upgrades to their infrastructure, a so-called “sender pays” principle. Their reasoning is that some … Read more

They say Web3 is the future of the Internet. but how?

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Shareholders are theirs. today blockchain There is much in common between early landscapes InternetIt is the impractical, insecure, and unregulated “wild west” of loosely connected protocols that hardly seem to constitute the basic infrastructure of future trade. It is clear that early critics of the Internet were wrong that no one … Read more

How to scan, sign and share documents from your phone

Signing documents is easier than you think.screenshot: DocuSign There are some tasks that would never be appropriate for a smartphone — serious video editing and serious spreadsheet, for example — but there’s a lot you can do on these pocket devices, including scanning, signing, and sharing documents without having to go near a computer or … Read more