Cristiano Ronaldo begins his World Cup career with Portugal after leaving Manchester United

CNN – after two days troubled departure from Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo He will start his work world Cup His career with Portugal and we look forward to putting the events of the past week and a half behind him. Portugal faces Ghana at Stadium 974 on Thursday, kicking off what is likely to be … Read more

Qatar is participating for the first time in the World Cup finals in a controversial tournament for the first time

Doha, Qatar CNN – There have been 21 editions for men world Cup Since its opening in the 1930’s however Qatar 2022 It is set to be a tournament like no other. Since it was announced as the host city nearly 12 years ago, the World Cup has always been destined to be Top. From … Read more

Qatar 2022: World Cup fans adapt to desert accommodations – in tents and caravans

Doha, Qatar CNN – As the fans gush Qatar, It is understood that they are in vacation mode as they look forward to the prospect of a World Cup in the desert. But what better place to stay in a country geographically located on a peninsula smaller than Connecticut, the smallest World Cup host nation … Read more

World Cup 2022: British comedian says David Beckham’s status as a gay icon will be torn apart if he continues as ambassador to Qatar

CNN – David Beckham “The status of a gay icon will be torn apart” if the former England captain and Manchester United star continues in his role as Qatar world Cup British comedy ambassador Joe Lysette said on Sunday. in Video posted on TwitterLycett, a British comedian who describes himself as geeky on his website, … Read more

Keri Irving: Brooklyn Nets star defends tweet about documentary criticized as anti-Semitic stands up by sharing Alex Jones video

CNN – Brooklyn Networks star Keri Irving He said he “won’t give up anything I believe in” after his homeowner convicted him NBA The team tweeted a link to a documentary film deemed anti-Semitic. The star’s guard tweeted a link Thursday to the 2018 movie “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America,” which is based … Read more

Josh Cavallo: Gay Australian footballer says World Cup should not go to Qatar, where homosexuality is illegal

CNN – It’s been almost a year since then Josh Cavallo declared himself gay, But so far he is still struggling to understand the far-reaching impact his announcement has had – especially as he has begun to speak out on key issues, in particular the World Cup in Qatar. Since making this life-changing decision in … Read more

Prime Minister Liz Truss got off to the worst possible start

Liverpool, England CNN – It was the first few weeks of Liz Truss as British Prime Minister determined by the crisis. She had barely been working for 48 hours when the news broke that Queen Elizabeth II diesputting the country into an official state of mourning and delaying the official launch of a Truss plan … Read more

LIV Golf: Golf legend Greg Norman pressed behind closed doors in a ‘lively’ Republican debate over the Saudi-backed LIV Tour

CNN – Greg Norman, head of the Saudi-backed controversial Leaf golf tourfaced some conservative criticism Tuesday after he met a group of Republican House of Representatives behind closed doors on Capitol Hill. Norman, who was on a trip to Washington as part of a PR effort to sell lawmakers about the benefits of the PGA … Read more