Russian oil sanctions are about to begin. And it can disrupt markets dramatically

European oil sanctions are set to kick in on December 5th. The idea is to reduce Russia’s oil revenues in light of its war in Ukraine. Andrei Rudakov | bloomberg | Getty Images Analysts have warned that the upcoming sanctions on Russian oil will be “really devastating” to energy markets if European countries fail to … Read more

The GOP is tiptoe split over Biden’s request for more Ukraine aid

Republicans are swirling over a recent request from the Biden administration for billions in aid from Ukraine, as the party faces internal divisions over the path forward for the aid. Last week, the White House asked Congress for more than $37 billion in additional aid to Ukraine amid the ongoing Russian invasion. And while some … Read more

MH17 trial verdict: A Dutch court finds two Russians and a Ukrainian separatist guilty

CNN – A Dutch court on Thursday found two Russians and a Ukrainian separatist guilty of mass murder for their involvement in the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over eastern Ukraine in 2014. Igor Girkin, a former colonel in Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), and Sergei Dubinsky, who worked for Russia’s military intelligence agency … Read more

The Polish president says the missile “there is no indication” in Poland that it was a deliberate attack

Bali, Indonesia CNN – Polish President Andrzej Duda said so Two people were killed in eastern Poland The Ukrainian forces launched Tuesday likely in defense of a wave of Russian missile strikes, and the incident appears to have been an accident. There is no indication that this was a deliberate attack on Poland. Most likely, … Read more

Putin’s special forces continue to humiliate him

It only took a few hours after Russia Russian President Vladimir Putin praised packing As a resounding success on Friday, a torrent of humiliating reports emerged suggesting that the war effort was more successful in turning the country against him than defeating him. Legendary Nazis in Ukraine. Perhaps the startling contrast came with the Russian … Read more

Rising geopolitical risks in energy markets

Politics, geopolitics and conflict This week we saw a somewhat heightened apprehension for the oil industry in the form of an intelligence-sharing event between the Saudis and the Americans warning of a possible Iranian attack on oil facilities in the Middle East – most notably Aramco. As we noted in last week’s briefing, the September … Read more

The Russian Navy “repels” a drone attack on Sevastopol in the Crimea | News

The Russian Navy has repelled a drone attack in the Gulf of Sevastopol, home of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet in Moscow-annexed Crimea, according to a statement from a Russia-installed governor, as a battle for control of southeastern Ukraine’s cities rages on. Kherson and Bakhmut. “Today, starting at 04:30 in the morning for several hours, various … Read more

What is a dirty bomb and why is Russia talking about it?

CNN – Russia accuses Ukraine From Planning to use the so-called dirty bomba claim rejected by Kyiv and its Western allies as a bogus operation that Moscow could use as a pretext to escalate the Kremlin. war against its neighbour. A dirty bomb is a weapon that combines conventional explosives such as dynamite and radioactive … Read more

Germany and the European Union Play Embarrassing Hosts of the Ukraine Reconstruction Conference – POLITICO

BERLIN – Germany and the European Union will host a meeting on Tuesday on how to rebuild Ukraine after Russian aggression, but Kyiv shouldn’t get its hopes up – the meeting is unlikely to achieve anything concrete. Key questions about Ukraine’s future will not be answered, including who will pay for the reconstruction of the … Read more

Kherson, Ukraine, describes a ghost town of exhausted people, with a severe shortage of medicine

CNN – A resident of Kherson described the situation in Ukrainian city occupied by Russia Tense, with ’emotional exhaustion’, the streets are empty from mid-afternoon onwards, and Russian soldiers Often seen in civilian clothes. Accessed by CNN through a third party, the woman was speaking shortly before the Russian-appointed administration in Kherson ordered civilians to … Read more