Trumpworld has begun to confront its worst enemy: reality

In court over the past week, the previous President Donald Trump Others in his orbit are forced to confront their worst enemy: reality. The results were devastating for them.

On multiple occasions, we have seen Trump and his minions forced to confront the unfamiliar and legally inappropriate facts about their behavior, representing a departure from the alternative realities they have created for themselves and their access to the real world — with all of it. Legal ramifications.

Trump’s legal troubles are on the clearest of them all, and his ego has been hit hard in court lately. Wednesday was a particularly difficult day.

New York Attorney General Letitia James Civil Court filing on Wednesday Years of alleged fraud, further eroding Trump’s portrayal of himself and his older children as elite and serious businessmen.

And things were just as grim when you consider the scandal of his secret documents.

Wednesday also, Federal Court of Appeals A judge’s ridiculous decision to prevent investigators from looking at classified documents seized from Trump’s Florida estate has overturned, keeping the wheels on a criminal investigation that could land the former president or members of his inner circle in hot water…if not jail.

Trump tricks to stave off a criminal investigation, Including his move to obtain a special master by perusing the documents to see if Trump can claim a lien on them, has been significantly weakened in the past week. Since these attempts are rooted in Trump’s dubious claims that he retained president-level authority (such as executive privilege) after leaving the White House, it’s safe to assume he’s been dropped a bit. The emperor has lost his clothes.

But Trump isn’t the only one in the MAGA movement whose bubble has burst in court.

Earlier this week, a judge eviction Right-wing conspiracy theorist and TV salesperson Mike Lindell effort to dismiss a lawsuit against him brought by Smartmatic, an election technology company that Lindell claimed was involved in a plot to steal the 2020 presidential election of Joe Biden. Lindell has continued to promote baseless electoral lies since Trump lost to Biden. But the escalation of civil lawsuits against him over his election allegations — along with the FBI’s confiscation of his phone as part of a criminal investigation into allegations of election interference in Colorado — injects a dose of reality into the fictitious world that he and his Trump colleagues save. democracy.

and on Monday, Lawsuit in Georgia In connection with an alleged election interference case, it revealed that a Republican county official may have lied about her role in allowing a Trump-aligned company to access voter data from the 2020 presidential election.

This official, Cathy Latham, was the GOP chairman of Kofi County, Georgia, known for providing fraudulent electoral votes to the Congress that wrongly declared Trump the winner of the 2020 election. Latham claimed she was not “personally involved” in granting the company access to data voters, but newly released footage shows she spent hours with company activists inside an area of ​​the Kofi County Elections office that was restricted to authorized officials. Latham’s lawyer denied any wrongdoing that day.

As I wrote earlierLatham’s findings seem like a very rich turn of events, given that Trump supporters like her have confirmed it Democrats Those caught on camera interfering in the 2020 elections in Georgia.

The Trump team has been allowed to create fictional novels like these, portraying themselves as heroes, for most of the past two years. This is due in large part to the apparent stagnation in the cases involving them. But these issues are now evolving, and the picture we’re seeing shows the MAGA movement in a host of legal problems.

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